Academy for troubled teens offers top academics – specialty schools and alternative schools for troubled youth and military high schools.

schoolStudents at Freedom Academy continue the pursuit of their high school education in our on-campus school.

Our independent school employs a mixture of curricula, utilizing computer based courses, traditional classroom instruction and self-paced workbooks. The curricula focus on the traditional foundations of a proper education and integrate a Christian worldview. The unique combination allows students to largely work move ahead in their coursework, retake failed courses to improve their GPA, or make up credits that they are behind.

While the academic school year runs roughly parallel to that of any public school – September to June – the individualized approach to education allows students to smoothly matriculate any time of the year.

school for girlsAcademics are overseen by a NYS certified teacher (with additional certification in Special Ed). We are overseen by the local school district and award diplomas to our high school graduates every June. The first weekend of June, we hold our annual Commencement Ceremony. Students who complete the requirements for graduation share this special milestone with their families and the staff and students of Freedom Academy.

We seek to prepare students to face their future. They will be exposed to several different vocational opportunities and given the chance to learn basic skills in different areas. Academically, we will push them to reach their potential. Should a student be completing high school during their time at Freedom Academy, we will certainly help them consider and prepare for their next step. We regularly help young people get into college and the military.




This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. school